World Class Innovation in Paramotor Aviation Technology

the only dedicated paramotor factory in North america!


Kangook is internationally recognized as a leader in innovation, design and modularity in Paramotor Aviation technology.

Proudly manufactured and assembled in Canada! We offer the widest range of modular designed Paramotor products in the world. Choose from 6 Foot Launch and 4 Trike models and enjoy our 3 year manufacturing guarantee!

What we do

At Kangook Paramotors we continuously strive to develop the best possible aviation products to push our limits as a manufacturer. Our genuine made and assembled in Canada aviation products are designed to the highest possible standards.


R&D Research

We are continuously pushing the boundaries of aviation engineering and seek excellence in whatever we are creating.

Leading the way

Our modular systems are shipped to more than 25 countries worldwide. We have the widest range of modular foot launch and wheeled paramotor products available in the world! 


Client First Mindset

The customer is our priority! Pilot satisfaction and safety is why our adaptive paramotor systems will delight you in every detail!

Why we are different FROM our Competitors

Kangook manufactured Paramotors are different! Why?

1. We are the only dedicated paramotor manufacturing and assembly plant in North America.

2. We offer the most modular options in the industry. Choose from 6 Foot Launch or 4 Trike models.

3. Our cage and chassis systems are 100% made in Canada.

4. We carry a full line of stock and supply any of the parts you need.

5. We satisfy our pilot needs in more than 25 countries world wide.

6. We are paramotor pilots and love to fly our own products! Our President David is a Transport Canada Certified Paramotor Instructor.

7. Our products are made with premium Aluminum and Steel components combining light weight, strength and safety into our designs.

8. We have been in business over 12 years and stand behind our products!

Phoenix K2

Introducing the all new 2020 Kangook Phoenix K2. Offered with the most popular engines, this new model combines solidity, lightness and refined design.

Easy set-up: It takes less than 2 minutes to assemble the cage.

Increased Pilot safety with the standard new Protek top cage section.

The very principle of modularity is expressed through the unique Kangook Phoenix K2 design: 9 attachment systems are available. Gas tank capacity of either 10 or 16.5 litres. Cage diameter choice of either 132/146 cm designed for 120/125/130 cm propellers. The Kangook Komfort harness is available in 3 sizes including Medium, Large and XLarge.

Orange or Black cage? You decide.
100% made in Canada. Buy one and fly one today!


From Our Clients

Kangook is the most awesome paramotor I’ve flown. I really like how modular it is.

Londy Ivey

Very happy with my 1st Kangook and ready to purchase my 2nd one. Awesome service and customer support.

Lucas Turek

Amazing PPG gear and best service ever. You will love flying Kangook paramotors.

Andre Zeman

Kangook Team Paramotors are very creative and the best. They made us fly safer with their best products and I just love them so much. 

Qashidi Ajmal