From 881BC to 861BC King Bladud ruled in England. He had it all as King except for one thing, he really wanted to fly! It seems he had peace during his reign and good lands, wealth and a healthy family and for 20 years was most happy. Indeed he is credited with establishing the famous ancient city of Bath. But King Bladud wanted to fly. It seems he fabricated a wing using feathers and one day while in his mid 40’s attached himself to a homemade wing, bravely but naively ran off a cliff only to end his life far too soon. Yes if only King Bladud was alive today he could have safely run into the sky with his Kangook Foot Launch Paramotor!

So what did the King use to fly? He needed a wing apparently made of feathers which must have been attached to sticks and fabric of some kind to hold the shape. Today we would recommend an APCO paramotor training wing such as the Lift 2EZ. Perhaps he used leather straps and rope to attach the wings to his body. Yet again we would recommend a military certified APCO harness, perhaps large size to ensure he stayed connected to his ‘wing’.

It may be that the King just wanted to glide down to earth so an APCO Hybrid PM wing could have worked. But to fly he would have needed a paramotor. Again guessing he was of average weight and height we would recommend a Vittorazi Moster 185 engine using a Kangook Classic 132 double hoop cage system. This would have reduced the possibility of his lines getting caught in the prop during his takeoff attempt.

While getting ready to launch he would not have had to run off a cliff but could have performed a regular foot launch run into the wind on level ground. As a newbie and if the first attempt did not work out he could have stopped and taken the time to layout his wing again, get pointed into the wind and try once more. He would get into the sky at some point and attain his goal of learning to fly.

Since he was a King he would have been used to the best of everything. If he was alive today we know Kangook would have been first choice! Indeed as he got older and less interested in carrying the launch weight we would recommend that he consider adding a modular Kangook attachment plate to his paramotor frame and easily attach wheels to drive himself into the sky! Kangook came 2881 years too late for King Bladud but just in time for everyone around today!