Phoenix K2

The newest of the family

Introducing the all new 2020 Kangook Phoenix K2. Offered with the most popular engines this latest model combines strength, lightness and refined design.


Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

Featuring a brand new fully integrated netting design.  Offered with the most popular engines this model combines style with beauty.


The Lightest

In 2018, we introduce our lightest platform ever created.


The most economical

Simple and light paramotor airframe. The Vikking cage has single hoop but is stronger then the X-Lite

The Classic

The most scalable

We call this the Classic because it is designed for all flying situations whether foot launch and trike flying requirements.

HD Heavy Duty

Our toughest and strongest model.

The 146cm double hoop system provides the maximum cage system strength for tandem foot launch or trike flying requirements.